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Tuesday September 7

Infinite Being Academy foundation level energy reading course is open to anyone interested in energy reading.

It is interactive, practical and experiential.  The aim is to introduce energy reading methods and tools in an enjoyable, accessible and hands on way.  This is the first, exciting step on your energy reading journey.

You will discover, nurture and support your own personal energy reading abilities.  You will be learning alongside other like minded people.  And you will become a member of the Infinite Being Academy community, receiving our full support and encouragement along the way.

The essence of the work is BEING, learning to be a mirror and applying it in a therapeutic way, to yourself and to others.

This fully accredited course is also beneficial for anyone already practicing in therapeutic or healing professions. It is a powerful diagnostic and theraputic tool to supplement you existing practice.

Sobre el Curso

This online Energy Reading Foundation Course will teach you to be in direct and dynamic contact with your own energy field (and others). Being able to observe immediate changes in the energetic state of your/others chakras, aura and meridians: as well as other physical structures like skeletal, soft tissues and internal organs.

If you work with clients, energy reading is a valuable tool in diagnosing imbalances and constructing a treatment plan; as well as supporting healing.

Course Outcomes At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • See the energy field of others (human, geographical sites like mountains, and plants).
  • Understand how the mind body interaction contributes to emotional-physical imbalance.
  • Identify and learn clinical applications of energy reading.
  • Work with and understand the anatomy of the human energy system.
  • Identify the cause and learn to release energy blockages both in yourself, and in your clients.
  • Discover your own unique and intuitive way of working with energy.

Agenda del Curso

10 weekly sessions cover the following:

  • Developing the ability to see and feel energy.
  • The theory and practical experience of the Mind-Body interaction.
  • A focus on the anatomy of the human energy system (Chakras, Aura and Meridians).
  • Identifying and releasing blocked energy in oneself.
  • Understanding how to translate the energy image we perceive to the psychological (mental – emotional) state of your client.
  • Recognising imbalances in the meridian flow.
  • Diagnosing imbalances through changes in breathing patterns.
  • Learning to see energy exchanges between people and in nature.

Condiciones de Reserva

The full payment of €235 is required to secure your place, this a non-refundable once the course commences.
El pago es requerido mínimo 1 semana antes del comienzo del curso.

Política de Cancelación:

Las cancelaciones realizadas con menos de una semana de antelación antes del comienzo del curso no serán reembolsadas.

Esto incluye:

The 10 x Weekly 90 min Sessions (for session content see Course Agenda above)

A Private 30 min Consultation session, with Yair.

Participación y Comunicación en nuestro grupo de WhatsApp.

Prácticas y mini-tareas semanales; que se establecen para practicar y reforzar el aprendizaje.


  • Las sesiones son en un ambiente relajado, divertido y dinámico con mucha conciencia en relación a la energía del grupo, la cual cambia constantemente… como la vida misma 🙂
  • Este curso también se imparte en un formato práctico, experiencial e interactivo.
  • Todas las sesiones son facilitadas via Zoom a la hora establecida semanalmente. El enlace y código Zoom serán facilitados.
  • Es recomendable que al menos 15 minutos antes de cada sesión, prepares tu espacio y ‘tu ser’ (prepárate cuerpo-mente), y realices respiraciones profundas y relajadas para calmar tu sistema.
  • Ya que las sesiones son prácticas, trabajarás con otros compañeros estudiantes.
  • Dentro de las sesiones se incorporan meditación, visualización guiada, observación de la naturaleza, técnicas de respiración, Qi Gong y danza creativa.
  • Habrá mini-tareas experimentales entre sesiones, para continuar el aprendizaje e integrar la teoría en la práctica.

COURSE ACCREDITATION Click here for details of accreditation and certification of courses.

CERTIFICATES: A Certificate will be issued once the accreditation criteria has been met (if a student wishes to be accredited at foundation level). Yair Sagy will confirm and sign off student competence. There are 2 types of Certificates at foundation level: 1. A FREE emailed version 2. A signed hard copy Certificate which will be sent by post to students who have achieved accreditation – this has an additional fee of 5€